Cubs Staying in Mesa Press Conference

The Mesa Police Association’s PAC fund will be donating to the any voter initiative this year keeping the Cubs in Mesa.  We are thrilled they have decided to continue doing business in Mesa, and thank the City of Mesa Mayor, Council and City Manager for all their hard work thus far.

In light of other police municipalities taking major budget cuts and the City of Mesa preparing for a possible 3% to 10% reduction to it’s budget, the MPA has been asked how these cuts will effect the Cubs deal and public safety in general.

The MPA has told the public any revenue-generating proposal should take into account city services – especially public safety. The Cubs deal is another opportunity to fund core essential city services including public safety and should include adequate funding commensurate to future impacts in the area.

Mesa Police have a structural deficit that lacks a budget to support essential core services. Our revenue structure is literally outdated for 2010 Mesa. Effective crime fighting is not going to continue if we continue to have inadquate staffing and immediate resource needs are not addressed soon.


Below are pictures from the 1.27.09 press conference.

Cubs Annoucement 1cubs annoucement 2cubs 3