Chandler “Gets it”

Chandler Includes Employees and allows Union to help


Effective Tuesday July 1, 2008 Chandler’s Police Association President will begin working on CLEA related issues two days a week at the main station. Having the President available twenty hours a week will be invaluable for the union and its membership. These twenty release hours per week came as a direct result of the most recent MOU negotiations. Officer’s with any questions or concerns, simply come by the office to get issues quickly resolved.


Most modern police agencies recognize the benefit to the city and citizens when internal police problems are handled swiftly and not allowed to fester to a boiling point. Most would prefer not to be involved and allow the police officers themselves to work it out. This is what happens in the vast majority of grievances.


Chandler has really come a long way in being responsive to the needs of it’s employees and citizens. Simply by including and communicating with employees, they are providing much better police services today, to the benefit of the citizens.