Call to Action – SB 1353 – Help Keep Funding to Police Services

MPA members are encouraged to email Representative Vic Williams at regarding SB1353. It has come to our attention that Rep Williams is not supportive or willing to hear SB1353 in the Transportation Committee, which stops this legislation dead in its tracks. This bill is a very important bill that will help municipalities, counties and DPS equip their officers with much needed safety equipment.

READ THE BILL HERE – SB 1353.  For every criminal and civil traffic citation a $13 assessment will be added and distributed as follows:

1. $4 goes to the agency issuing the citation;

2. $4 goes to DPS

3. $4 goes to GIITEM

4. $1 goes to the Courts

The monies being designated to the issuing agency and DPS are earmarked for public safety equipment for officers. This money may NOT be supplanted by DPS or the local agency. As you know many officers are not properly and safely outfitted due to restricted budgets across the state. This is unacceptable and disrespectful to the men and women who serve and protect Arizona’s citizens.

Please call or email Vic Williams ASAP, and ask him to support those who protect and serve Arizona.

Suggestion of an email:

Dear Honorable Senator Williams,

I am writing you to ask your support for SB1353 on behalf of the Officers and Sergeants that serve and protect the streets of Mesa and their families. The economy has devastated many of our efforts to provide quality meaningful police services. Mesa’s Police budget has been decimated. We do no have enough patrol manpower, investigators or equipment. All are in short supply. SB1353 will help with this by providing necessary money to ensure our officers have the tools and equipment they need to keep themselves and the citizens they protect safe. We ask that you support us in our endeavor to continue to provide necessary public safety to our citizens and to protect our officer to extent possible as they go into harms way.


Fabian Cota, President

Mesa Police Association