Call to Action – Times are Changing

I want to discuss a topic that has not been on the fore front for some time. Currently, the MPA has a Political Action Campaign (PAC) fund. The current balance is quite low given the changing attitude towards police officers wages, benefits and working conditions. We use the PAC funds for several items such as: to combat the anti-union bills, which would outlaw our MOU’s and the ability to negotiate; to support or oppose specific candidates; or to begin our new direct mailer program.  This program will allow us to express our concerns on a number of topics directly to the voters in our City. Do you think the public is aware of all of the great things their police officers do every day?  Do you think that the citizens in Mesa understand that as Police Officers we are not eligible for Social Security when we retire?  Do you think the public needs to know the current staffing levels of their Police Department?  Of course they need to know and understand all of these things.  That is why we need to increase our PAC funds. With all of these financial needs placed on the PAC, we are asking for a “call to action” to increase our PAC contributions immediately so the MPA can fight these items intended on taking away your wages and benefits!

Our PAC fund balance is currently lower than needed to participate in many of the described programs.  An association of our size should have well over $100,000 in the war chest so we can fight these anti-police benefit legislation that is quietly passing through the night. Times are changing folks. We are no longer safe just sitting back and hoping that the public will support us. We need to educate the public on all that we do by utilizing flyers, mailers and billboards.  All these items cost money and that is why the PAC fund is so important.

We understand that times are tough for all of us. Please view this as an investment in your future benefits. The MPA is asking all Mesa Police Officers to increase their PAC contributions to an even $10 a paycheck. If we all pitch in and participate, this is a simple way you can ensure that the fight continues. Now is not the time to roll over and accept the ridiculous agenda passing by our elected officials at all levels. The MPA needs to go on the offensive.  We need to back our political allies and oppose those that do not support law enforcement.

I have included a PAC contribution form and I am urging all of you to please put your name at the top and sign the bottom. Please send the completed forms to Sgt. Kurt Scanio at the Superstition District via inter-office mail. He will ensure these forms are turned into payroll.

If you need more forms, please visit the membership page and then forms. If you would like to contribute more, we encourage this and you can always reduce the contributions later after the war chest is full. We need money to fight the anti-police agenda and get you more money to bring home to your families.

Justin Corvelo – Trustee