Budget and Chief Update

State Budget News-Update

The MPA was made aware there will be a special session called soon to address a projected 1 billion dollar state budget deficit. It is projected to be 3 billion by Jan. 2010. Several legislators have made comments privately that state shared revenue would have to be cut. Therefore, the MPA met with the City Manager and Mayor regarding budget shortfalls projected for the State of Arizona, which may effect state shared revenues allocated to the city of Mesa.

The City Manager stated Mesa reserve funding could sustain Mesa through a temporary adjustment, but a permanent loss would require other solutions. He was confident they were monitoring a variety of possible scenarios, where shared revenues would not be impacted. MPA offered the city any help we could give.

The MPA is also monitoring the situation with the state budget with the assistance of the Arizona Police Association, which meets daily with legislators and others involved with the state budget process. We will keep membership updated as the situation unfolds.

The Chief Selection Process

The City Manager informed the MPA there were over 50 applications for Police Chief received by Mesa. The process is underway.  An approximate time-line is four finalist by the end of November and a final selection by mid December.  The MPA was assured we would have input at the appropriate time after the field had been narrowed.

The MPA will ensure the front line Officers will have a voice in this very important selection process.  The results of the survey will be released to the general membership at the appropriate time.  If you have completed the survey please do so to have your voice heard.