Breaking News: Collective Bargaining Update

A cloture vote on Collective Bargaining is expected to be filed anytime before the Congress breaks for Thanksgiving recess. A vote could occur as early as Monday, November 29th, when the Congress returns from Thanksgiving recess. A cloture motion is not a vote to pass the Collective Bargaining bill, but rather motion to end debate on the matter. If cloture is achieved, then the Senate would proceed to a vote on final passage.  It takes 60 Senators to vote in favor of a bill that has been filed for cloture.


Passage of this legislation is imperative in the Senate. The House of Representatives will also need to take up another vote on Collective Bargaining, this time, like the Senate as a standalone bill.


NAPO is leading the way on the critical information you need to know for Collective Bargaining. When the final date has been set for a vote, NAPO will once again be leading the way in a letter writing and phone campaign to congressional offices.

Rachel Hedge

Director of Government Affairs

National Association of Police Organizations

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