ALL Mesa Police Officers Involved in Emails

Immediately Contact the MPA Attorney Kathryn (602) 248-9107 Concerning the Email Case going to Superior Court

Email Discipline Update:

Mesa’s City Manager is requiring Officers begin serving their suspensions. Mesa was hand delivered a letter from the MPA attorneys 07/06/2006, outlining volumes of legal issues concerning the email discipline. If the current course continues, court hearings concerning this issue will not commence until probably the end of this year or sometime next year.

Please, if you are a member involved in this e-mail case, keep track of any and all financial burdens or extra costs associated with your forced suspensions (i.e. How much differential pay was lost, Off-duty work cancelled, reduction to overall salary amount used to compute retirement etc.), but not including the actual suspension.

Write down on a calendar what was lost and how much money was lost. You may not remember your exact losses a year or two from now unless you write it down. Providing your attorney with a calendar outlining your specific losses will immensely help recover damages. All costs will be attributed to your damages.