Administrative & Criminal Investigation Taking Too Long State-Wide

If you were the subject of an investigation, or know someone who was, the investigation usually did not conclude in a reasonable time frame.  Officers and Detectives are able to find probable cause against a citizen within hours to a day, but police agencies and the county attorney’s office are not able to conclude investigations against officers for months to years.  When an officer is asked to stay home, it effects taxpayers, the officer’s health and the agency’s morale.  How many times in Mesa have patrol officers heard over the radio “Any unit to break” on the weekend?  MPA is working with legislators to draft language to assist getting the same statute of limitations for citizens applied to officers for investigations.  We are making steps as the “Just Cause” bill (that the Arizona Police Association assisted in crafting the language) is moving through the legislature.

Watch the 12 News report below to hear that unreasonable investigation times are happening everywhere- from Phoenix, Mesa to Hayden.