ACT NOW! Oppose Senate Bills 1484, 1485, 1486 & 1487

Four bills were introduced specifically targeting all public employees and their representation.  SB 1484 (, 1485 (, 1486 ( and 1487 ( are broad anti-union bills, generalizing that the law enforcement profession is comparable to the private sector.  These bills do not recognize that police services require specialized needs.  They impede your current rights and benefits, along with your constitutional privileges to freedom of speech, representation and association.

Have no doubt, these bills are the agenda of many elected Republicans and the Goldwater Institute in efforts to cripple unions. Unfortunately, police associations, like the Mesa Police Association, are grouped into blanketed attacks on public employees. However, we provide an essential service to Mesa Police Department employees. MPA’s primary function is to provide legal coverage to law enforcement officials.  Because regularly we handle sensitive information and use lethal/less lethal force, we are subjects of administrative and criminal investigations. Our organization provides members that legal assistance. When almost 100% of frontline officers are in a police union, obviously there is a tremendous need for associations (like ours) to help officers do their jobs and protect the public.

Please consider sending these letters or calling your legislator with these suggested talking points.  Encourage your friends and family to assist us in preventing these anti-police senate bills from passing. Have your voice heard.

(MPA encourages you to contact elected officials off-duty and from personal phones and email addresses.)

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(Insert DATE)

Dear Senators,

I am a dedicated employee of the Mesa Police Department (MPD).  I have served the public for ___ (# of years) as a ____________ (job title[s]).  My job has required me to _________ (description of duties).  Law enforcement is a specialized profession that few qualify and are entrusted to perform. Therefore, I strongly oppose Senate bills 1484, 1485, 1486, and 1487.  The generalized bills do not address the specific needs for those who provide police services.

Police work is an industry unlike anything in the private sector.  Employees are asked to respond 24/7, often running into tragedy as others are fleeing from it.  Because we handle sensitive information, testify in judicial matters and use lethal/less lethal force, my colleagues and I regularly are subjects of administrative and criminal investigations.  Police associations, like the Mesa Police Association (MPA), provide an essential service to all MPD employees. MPA’s primary function is to provide legal coverage to law enforcement officials.  It is assistance that the state cannot provide in order to safeguard our families. MPD personnel should be equipped with the resources they need to help them to do their jobs. When almost 100% of MPD employees are in a police union, there is obviously a tremendous need for associations (like MPA) to help us do their jobs and protect the public.

When Arizona and the nation are seeing record numbers of police deaths and assaults, I would like to see more investments into increased police resources, hiring and maintaining more officers, and added protection to their livelihood. Broadly attacking public safety employees is unproductive. Legislators should be protecting law enforcement, not working against them.

You will not see me striking, because it is against the law.  I would never protest, because my job is essential to citizens 24/7.  I will not be testifying in a legislative hearing, because my freedom of speech right is very limited.  But, take this as a letter from a citizen, pleading to you that police employees should not have their rights limited further.  Please also consider me as a law enforcement resource.  Contact myself or MPA before making broad decisions about an industry most people know little about.

As a taxpayer and constituent, I urge you to vote no on Senate bills 1484, 1485, 1486 and 1487.  Public safety is specialized industry that should not be generalized with other professions.  I encourage you to keep the in integrity of police work by allowing law enforcement the resources they need.