ACT NOW! Oppose Anti-Police Union House Bill 2103

HB 2103 is a consolidated anti-union bill that is flying through the legislature. The bill will require that each association member reaffirm in writing every year their desire to have association dues taken out of their paychecks.  This is another attempt to weaken all public employee unions.  No business entity is required to have their stockholders perform such an action so why are unions being singled out?  We ask you to contact all the house members to vote against the bill.  A sample letter you can use is below.

MPA needs you!  Act now!

House members:

Eddie Ableser –, Lela Alston –, Ben Arredondo –, Cecil Ash –, Brenda Barton –, Kate Brophy McGee –, Chad Campbell –, Heather Carter –, Tom Chabin –, Steve Court –, Chester Crandell –, Jeff Dial –, Karen Fann –, Steve Farley –, Eddie Farnsworth –, John Fillmore –, Tom Forese –, Ruben Gallego –, Sally Ann Gonzales –, Doris Goodale –, David Gowan –, Rick Gray –, Albert Hale –, Jack Harper –, Matt Heinz –, Katie Hobbs –, Russ Jones –, Peggy Judd –, John Kavanagh –, Debbie Lesko –, Phil Lovas –, Debbie McCune Davis –, Nancy McLain –, J.D. Mesnard –, Eric Meyer –, Catherine Miranda –, Steve Montenegro –, Justin Olson –, Lynne Pancrazi –, Daniel Patterson –, Justin Pierce –, Frank Pratt –, Terri Proud –, Martin Quezada –, Amanda Reeve –, Bob Robson –, Macario Saldate –, Carl Seel –, David Burnell Smith –, David Stevens –, Andy Tobin –, Anna Tovar –, Michelle Ugenti –, Steve Urie –, Ted Vogt –, Jim Weiers –, Jerry Weiers –, Bruce Wheeler –, Vic Williams –, Kimberly Yee –




Dear House of Representatives,

Law enforcement is a specialized profession that few qualify and are entrusted to perform. Therefore, I strongly oppose House bill 2103.  The generalized bill does not address the specific needs for those who put their lives on the line every day for us.

Our membership recognizes MPA is corporation contrasting to anything in the private sector.  However, HB 2103 would treat us unlike most businesses as it limits the ability for police officers to opt-in and out of our association.  If I want overdraft protection on my bank account, I opt-in for this coverage and not asked on a yearly basis if I want to renew this service.  However, I can make the personal choice to cancel this amenity at any time.  MPA currently functions this way and has worked for Mesa officers since 1996 with no issues.

Employees are asked to respond 24/7, often running into tragedy as others are fleeing from it.  They are required to work with sensitive information, use lethal force and even testify in judicial matters. Mesa Police Department (MPD) personnel should be equipped with the resources they need to help them to do their jobs.  It is Arizona’s duty to safeguard those who serve our communities.

When Arizona and the nation are seeing record numbers of police deaths and assaults, we would like to see more investments into increased police resources, hiring and maintaining more officers, and added protection to their livelihood. Broadly attacking public safety employees is unproductive. Legislators should be protecting police officers, not working against them.

As a taxpayers and constituents, the Mesa Police Association urges you to vote no on House Bill 2103.  The bill impacts the police services.  I encourage you to keep the integrity in police work by allowing law enforcement the resources they need.