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Am I eligible for membership in the Mesa Police Association?

Membership in the Mesa Police Association is open to all sworn employees, dispatchers, and 911 operators.


How much does it cost to join?

            Each pay period a small amount will be collected to cover your membership in the Mesa Police Association.  For your convenience, dues are automatically paid through the direct deposit system of the Mesa Payroll Department.


Do my dues include membership in the Arizona Police Association (APA) and the National Association of Police Officers (NAPO)?

            Yes. Your membership in the MPA automatically makes you a member of these prestigious and important organizations.  Please review Organization Affiliations to learn more about how MPA works with APA and NAPO.  


Are there other benefits to MPA membership besides Legal Coverage and Political Representation?

            Yes. While the above mentioned benefits are the premier features of the association, there are additional benefits to enjoy as a member. MPA District Representatives are trained to assist you with questions and problems on the job.  From District discipline to TARBs, your district rep is there to assist and guide you through the process.MPA members can also choose from several preferred cellular/digital phone service packages. For more information on this and other current benefits, please visit our website at


How do I contact my attorney?

            You can call your attorney directly (during regular business hours).  You can also use the 24 hour MPA Direct Rep line at  480-215-4MPA for assistance with contacting your attorney or an MPA Representative. When your career and life are on the line, you must have the best and most experienced legal representation.  You are protected by the law office of:     


Napier, Abdo, Coury, Baillie, PC

2525 E. Arizona Biltmore Circle

Phoenix, AZ  85016

(602) 248-9107


Michael Napier has been representing police officers and public employees for over twenty years and is one of the state’s most experienced public sector labor lawyers and an experienced attorney in personal injury and insurance recovery.


If you are the focus of a criminal investigation related to actions within the scope of your employment, you will be provided comprehensive criminal representation at no cost to you!  The Legal Defense Fund kicks in to protect you from costly legal bills that can occur when defending actions taken while performing your duties.  Additionally, the Legal Defense Fund will provide you with personal counsel if you are the subject of a civil suit for scope of employment actions.


How does MPA stay in touch with its members?

MPA keeps its members up to date on current issues and events as well as member services via newsletters, email, social media such as Facebook, and our website. If you have additional issues or an article you would like to submit for publication consideration, simply contact the office manager. If you have any professional questions or concerns, your MPA District Representative is available to assist and guide you through the process. You can also contact a MPA representative directly at (480) 215-4MPA.


Members – Please Update Your Contact Information!

In an effort to improve communication between the Mesa Police Association and its members, we would like to get updated contact information for our membership. We are requesting you email us with your name, mailing address, contact telephone number, and personal email address to This information WILL NOT be given to any outside parties, and will only... 

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2006 Meet and Discuss Employee Issues Forum

Preface: This proposal is the direct product of strategic planning sessions, employee surveys, general membership meetings, continuous feedback and dialogue with active sworn Police Officers and Sergeants of the Mesa Police Department concerning their working conditions, wages and benefits. Purpose: The Mesa Police Association (MPA) is submitting this proposal on behalf of... 

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