Why employee pensions aren’t bankrupting states

March 15, 2011

Source: McClatchy Newspaper A close look at state and local pension plans across the nation, and a comparison of them to those in the private sector, reveals a more complicated story. However, the short answer is that there’s simply no evidence that state pensions are the current burden to public finances that their critics claim. […]

Call to Action – APA MRSA Bill

March 14, 2011

The Arizona Police Association (APA) and MPA helped craft and support a bill, extending the time to report MRSA.  HB 2476 helps officers who contract the disease to get treatment and makes it a compensated industrial injury. The bill will be heard tomorrow (March 15th) afternoon at 2 pm in the senate (Banking and Insurance Committee). […]

NAPO Comments on Outsourcing Police

March 14, 2011

Outsourcing the Police – CRIMEREPORT.ORG Budget cuts not only mean fewer police services—they provide openings for private contractors. In Naperville, Illinois, a city of 145,000 about 35 miles west of Chicago, the drive for fiscal austerity has hit the police department hard. In just over two years, under pressure from the state’s budget crisis, the […]

Police Use of Force: The Impact of Less-Lethal Weapons and Tactics

March 14, 2011

A new study suggests that less-lethal weapons decrease rates of officer and offender injuries. In the mid-19th century, police officers in New York and Boston relied on less-lethal weapons, mostly wooden clubs. By the late 1800s, police departments began issuing firearms to officers in response to better-armed criminals. Today, many law enforcement agencies are again […]

Urgent Pension Action Request for Members, Friends & Family – SB 1609

March 2, 2011

URGENT! I need everyone to e-mail all senators ASAP and ask them to voice their opposition to SB 1609.  This is Sen. Yarborough’s pension bill.   Here is proposed e-mail language.  Thank you for your assistance. Brian L. Livingston Executive Director,  Arizona Police Association 1102 West Adams Street Phoenix, Arizona 85007 Office Phone:  (602) 249-4358 Cell […]


March 1, 2011

The Police Appreciation Program That Offers $500 Cash Back on a New Ford or Lincoln Vehicle Has Been Extended Through January 7, 2013! Contact Nina Kunkel at the NAPO office (703) 549-0775 for your organization’s username & password and then forward the information to your members so they can immediately act on this great deal. To enroll, visit […]

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