April 6, 2011 Agenda

March 30, 2011

Board of Directors Monthly Meeting April 6, 2011 MPA Office – Mesa, AZ 1. Call to Order            a. Introductions 2. Consent Agenda            a. Approval of March 2011 Meeting Minutes 3. Reports            a. President            b. VP            c. Secretary            d. Treasurer             e. Legislative Report              f. Officer Assistance Fund 4. […]

APA Rolls Out Respond4AZPolice.com

March 30, 2011

After the pension bill passed the committees last week, Arizona Police Association (APA) members groups agreed that the solutions we (police and fire organizations) proposed to sustain the retirement fund fell on deaf ears.   We have taken every step to be proactive in sustaining PSPRS, and be a part of a solution.  It is clear that the […]

Pension Update – 03.25.2011

March 26, 2011

On Tuesday, March 22, SB1609 passed out of the House Committee on Employment and Regulatory Affairs by a 6 to 3 vote. The 41-page Robson amendment (authored by Sen. Yarbrough and Rep. Adams) was attached to the bill, which essentially melds HB2726 (Adams’ pension bill) to this one. As mentioned earlier, this bill is problematic […]

Call to Action – Protect Your Pension

March 26, 2011

APA Members and Friends of the APA, Now is time to initiate phase two of our operational plan to beat back the retirement proposals made by Sen. Steve Yarbrough and Speaker Kirk Adams. I request that each of you to reach out to their extended family members and friends asking them to support our cause. […]

Respond4AZPolice Press Conference

March 26, 2011

PRESS CONFERENCE, March 23rd ARIZONA COPS AND FIRE FIGHTERS SPEAK OUT: SB 1609 HURTS PUBLIC SAFETY PHOENIX – First responders from public safety and law enforcement associations across Arizona are voicing their aversion to SB 1609, a pension bill moving through the Legislature. The bill would force pay cuts upon police officers and fire fighters. […]


March 23, 2011

Bill Johnson, the Executive Director of NAPO provided vital law enforcement input at a meeting hosted by Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday, March 22nd, for the launch of the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Initiative. A national trend has indicated that attacks on law enforcement officers have significantly increased over the past year. NAPO applauds […]

Today, Full Assault Put on Your Pension

March 22, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today, a full assault is targeted at each of your associations and at each of your members (retired and active). Today a full assault is targeted at Arizona’s law enforcement and correctional institutions. Today life as we have come to know it and expect it is going to be irrevocably changed. This […]

Call to Action – SB 1353 – Help Keep Funding to Police Services

March 21, 2011

MPA members are encouraged to email Representative Vic Williams at vwilliams@azleg.gov regarding SB1353. It has come to our attention that Rep Williams is not supportive or willing to hear SB1353 in the Transportation Committee, which stops this legislation dead in its tracks. This bill is a very important bill that will help municipalities, counties and DPS […]

Pension Update – SB1609

March 21, 2011

SB 1609 the Sen. Yarbrough pension omnibus bill is scheduled to be heard Tuesday, March 22nd, in the Arizona House Employment and Regulatory Affairs Committee. I believe a compromise has been reached between House and Senate leadership on the pension issue. My belief is the hardliners who are against the current public employee pension systems […]

AZPOST Opposes Deeper Involvement in Holding Police Managers Accountable

March 21, 2011

A recent special session was convened as AZPOST on March 9, 2011 in order for the board to hear testimony from police labor organizations as well as police managers on the pros and cons of the passage of HB2613 which if passed will allow police labor groups to make complaints directly to AZPOST regarding incidents […]

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