Anti-fatigue measures could cut cop deaths 15%, researcher claims

February 28, 2011

A leading sleep researcher argues that officer deaths from vehicle accidents and violent attacks could be cut by at least 15%–“a pretty darned conservative estimate”–if the problem of police fatigue was seriously addressed. As it is, he claims, a toxic mix of poor personal habits and arbitrary agency policies is creating a “large pool of […]

Pension Update – SB 1609 (Hearing Held 02.23.2011)

February 24, 2011

SB 1609 is another bill attempting to reform our pension systems.  The bill passed out of the Senate Finance Committee with a 3-1 vote and three (3) amendments were adopted. None of the amendments were of significance to police.  CLICK HERE TO READ THE BILL AND ITS STATUS. On Feb. 23rd, APA spoke against SB 1609, […]

Pension Update

February 23, 2011

On 02.17.2011, the House Employment and Regulatory Affairs Committee voted 5-4 for HB 2726, a bill attempting to reform our pensions systems.   VIEW THE VIDEO OF THERE HEARING HERE The general consensus from House committee members during and after the vote was there are still a lot of changes to be made to the bill […]

Legislation Update – 02.22.2011

February 22, 2011

Legislation Alert     In addition to the PSPRS retirement house bill #2726, the following bills being heard at the Arizona State Legislature are cause for concern. Any help you can offer will go a long way towards helping our city maintain essential police services:   SB 1525: Would restructure the way development or impact […]

AZ Republic Article – State push for police rights is under way

February 21, 2011

State push for police rights is under way by Lisa Halverstadt – Feb. 20, 2011 08:12 PM The Arizona Republic Arizona police officers are seeking more protections from internal investigations prompted by residents and fellow officers. Most Valley police unions now have contracts that spell out procedures for investigations of officers accused of misconduct. The […]

Danny’s Car Wash

February 16, 2011

Real Estate Discount Services

February 16, 2011

REAL Real Estate Savings for PD employees ! Occasio Realty and Jean Magnotto appreciate our Men and Women in uniform that put their life on the line to protect us and keep us safe. We have put this discount program together to give back in some way and to express our gratitude. If there is […]

Membership Action – Pension Update

February 16, 2011

  Dear MPA Members, Arizona House Representative Kirk Adams has released his bill to “fix” several Arizona pension systems, including CORP and PSPRS.  Read HB 2726 (Note: 58 pages long, a summary is below). HB 2726 will be heard in the House Employment & Regulatory Affairs Committee in House Hearing Room 3, located at 1700 […]

MOU Update 02.14.2011

February 16, 2011

Today was a historic date for all Mesa Police Officers. The MPA had its first MOU negotiations meeting with city. Once adopted, the MOU will greatly improve all aspects of the police service we provide and help bring Mesa and its Officers/Sergeants to a higher level. It will improve the city, department and work environment. […]