MPA Defends Officers Action’s Against White Supremist

November 19, 2010

MPA publicly defended officers actions in the publicized use-of-force incident a few weeks ago. We continue to pressure Romley’s office to bring charges against “Aryan Wolf Belander”. This frivolous lawsuit continues to defraud taxpayers, a continuation of the criminal career path Belander has chosen to take. READ THE KPHO ARTICLE HERE

Breaking News: Collective Bargaining Update

November 19, 2010

A cloture vote on Collective Bargaining is expected to be filed anytime before the Congress breaks for Thanksgiving recess. A vote could occur as early as Monday, November 29th, when the Congress returns from Thanksgiving recess. A cloture motion is not a vote to pass the Collective Bargaining bill, but rather motion to end debate […]

MPA discusses possible impacts from medicinal marijuana passing

November 15, 2010