SB 1070 Signed Into Law

April 26, 2010

Senator Russell Pearce (R) spoke with APA and MPA’s Fabian Cota regarding the Safe Neighborhoods bill before it was introduced.  MPA made it known to Mr. Pearce that MPA opposes the bill unless changes were made, like felony/misdemeanor classifications, fines, training and victim rights.  The many bills turned into one (SB 1070) and changed dramatically […]

APA & MPA Endorse JD Hayworth in US Senate Primaries

April 26, 2010

The Arizona Police Association and the Mesa Police Association announced their endorsement for US Senate Candidate (R) JD Hayworth on April 23rd.  APA & MPA joins NAPO and other law enforcement organizations in this endorsement for Arizona’s US Senate seat. “JD understands how important collective bargaining is for police,” says MPA President, Fabian Cota. READ […]

Apple Discount

April 26, 2010



April 23, 2010

Dear Members, Please find these links to NAPO’s latest Washington Report and Legislative Scorecard with updates on the current issues and legislation on which NAPO is working.   Included in this issue of the Washington Report: Health Care Reform & the Excise Tax House Holds Hearing on National Collective Bargaining Senate Narrows Crack-Cocaine Sentencing Ratio UPDATE: Status of NAPO’s Legislative […]

MPA Continues to Observe April as Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Awareness Month

April 13, 2010

Mesa has been fortunate to experience a 50% decrease in rapes from this time last year, and a 46% decrease from two years ago.  Aggravated assaults also decreased by 21% from this point in time last year.  In light of public safety officers in Mesa focusing efforts to reduce crime, the Mesa Police Association (MPA) […]

Mesa Police Face Massive Budget Cuts for 3rd Year

April 9, 2010

MPA continues to work with administration on revenue generating ideas and suggestions from members on how to cope with the current budget reduction request. It is our hopes that the council and citizens of Mesa approve a dedicated public safety assessment in order to provide to government’s core responsibility. We will continue to speak out […]

Help Our Friends in Nassau County Keep a Copkiller Behind Bars

April 8, 2010

Dear Members, Attached please read the Nassau County PBA’s request for letters to be written to the parole board, requesting that the parole of John Mackenzie, who murdered Nassau County Police Officer Matthew Giglio in 1975, be denied.  Please consider joining in the effort to keep cop-killer Mackenzie behind bars by sending a letter.   Letter from Nassau County PBA   […]

Administrative & Criminal Investigation Taking Too Long State-Wide

April 8, 2010

If you were the subject of an investigation, or know someone who was, the investigation usually did not conclude in a reasonable time frame.  Officers and Detectives are able to find probable cause against a citizen within hours to a day, but police agencies and the county attorney’s office are not able to conclude investigations […]

Domestic Violence Calls Continue to Rise

April 2, 2010

Frontline officers know all too well how dangerous DV calls are.  Though the public seems shocked at hearing about a Scottsdale family shootings, it is a harsh reality that officers are faced to respond to.  Domestic violence is ever evolving, and it is important for the public to know about officer safety issues and the […]