Officer Involved Shooting

May 29, 2009

Please keep everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers.   For information that MPA has released to the public, please contact a board member.

Salary and Discipline Update

May 29, 2009

SALARY In order to protect your current take home pay, MPA’s allies [Arizona Police Association (, Arizona Highway Patrolman’s Association, and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association], began meeting with and working with members of the appropriations committee (…and Russell Pearce) to exclude the 1.93% increase to Police pensions from the budget. The news so far is […]

Your Privacy is Valued

May 29, 2009

MPA wants to reassure our members that we do not conduct business like other organizations by giving out your private information.  We feel this violates your trust in our organization and can even put your safety in jeopordy. Here are some examples: PAC- We do not list our officer’s addresses or names.  We continuously work […]

Pay & Merit Update

May 26, 2009

HELP MPA HELP YOU. MESA POLICE PAY Your take home pay is under attack from all sides. Restoring our pay is our priority. MPA recently spent an hour with our Mayor reviewing the MPA’s response to the City Manager’s report to council concerning our meet and discuss proposal. MPA spent countless hours talking to council […]

MPA Meet and Discuss Proposals-READ HERE

May 21, 2009

Meet and Discuss Proposals Mesa Police Association Response May 20, 2009   READ below to find the PDF of what has been discussed during Meet and Discuss sessions: 2009 MPA Meet and Discuss   Highlights: Officer pay still not keeping up with market Sgts at bottom of pay scale in Maricopa County Suspension times Reps […]


May 20, 2009

Act Now The Mesa Police Association (MPA) is calling upon all members to help put a stop to the erosion of our salaries and pension/retirements. You must call or email our Arizona Senators on the Appropriations Committee, who will be meeting tomorrow, May 20, 2009, at 1100 hours. Mesa Officers have already suffered a 2% […]

Membership Forms

May 19, 2009

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Mesa Police Association.  Call the REP line 24-Hours a day at (480) 215-4MPA.  Forms can be turned into any MPA board member or the MPA Office. Click the PDF links below to sign up today!   MPA_Sworn_Membership_Form   MPA Civilian Membership Form

LAPD Officers to be Paid for Donning & Doffing

May 14, 2009

Members-the 9th circuit is hearing our case June 1st in Las Vegas.  If you are interested in going, please contact a board member. *LAPD Officers to be Paid for Dressing Time* Updated: May 8th, 2009 01:34 PM EDT JOEL RUBIN Los Angeles Times Who knew the badge, the holster and the iconic dark blue threads […]


May 11, 2009

It has been reported by some news sources that President Obama has proposed a cut to the death benefits for peace officers killed in the line of duty. That is simply NOT true! Congress created the Public Safety Officers Benefit and ONLY CONGRESS can change it.  The fact is nothing has changed. The Public Safety […]

Education Based Discipline Proposal

May 11, 2009

The MPA has met with the Sheriff of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and asked that he speak to our police chief about adopting an education based discipline process. The Sheriff said he was willing to meet with our Chief, so the MPA is in the process of setting this up. If Mesa PD could […]

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