Credit Where Credit is Due

March 25, 2009

Imagine if you found an occupied stolen car and initiated a traffic stop. As the car stops, the driver bails and you chase him on foot, jumping walls and dodging trees. As the suspect rounds the next corner he is tackled by a perimeter unit who just happened to be at the right place and […]

Why we fight against performance pay?

March 25, 2009

By Chris Adamczyk, Secretary Aside from the many entries made by professionals decrying “performance based pay”, the biggest reason to oppose it is its subjectivity. Any supervisor, good or bad, would be placed in a position to determine an officer’s financial future, a prospect that would not be so bad if all supervisors were true […]

Rumors about AR-15 rifles put to rest…

March 25, 2009

By Vice President, Nate Gafvert In reference to the rumors about the AR-15 rifles and lethal shotguns, I know there is much confusion over what really happened. Close to two years ago, Chief Gascon had a contact that would ultimately be able to outfit every patrol car with a pump action 12 gauge shotgun. This […]

MPA Legal Plan

March 24, 2009

Dan Loveless On Being Dropped by FOP

March 24, 2009

MPA on Unserved Felony Warrants

March 23, 2009

MPA Requests Admin Clarify Rolling 28’s

March 19, 2009

The MPA brought it to the attention of the administration that there was no notice of the change in procedure regarding “Rolling 28” information. New federal communications regulations forbid officers/dispatchers broadcasting names of people or addressess on unencrypted airwaves due to public listeners (increasing the possibility of identity theft). However, it is an officer safety […]

New Officer Involved Shooting Video Practice

March 19, 2009

The MPA spoke to many other agencies nationwide who have already experienced an Officer involved shooting that has been captured on video. The MPA polled major agencies and studied the issues involved. After careful consideration in adoption of a position on the matter, the MPA approached the Chief’ and asked his opinion on the matter. […]

Canine Pay Saved

March 19, 2009

03.18.09 The MPA assisted with FLSA research regarding K-9 pay. We accompanied the K-9 unit in meeting with administration regarding this practice. The current practice will continue. We are thankful to the Chief and his staff for the wisdom in continuing this beneficial practice. K-9 Officers can now get back to work secure in the […]

NAPO Meets with White House Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Team

March 18, 2009

On March 16, 2009, NAPO was summoned to the White House by the Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security to review ways to reform the White House organization for counterterrorism and homeland security.  NAPO President Tom Nee and Executive Director Bill Johnson attended the meeting on behalf of NAPO.   NAPO was the sole […]

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