2006 Meet and Discuss Employee Issues Forum

This proposal is the direct product of strategic planning sessions, employee surveys, general membership meetings, continuous feedback and dialogue with active sworn Police Officers and Sergeants of the Mesa Police Department concerning their working conditions, wages and benefits.
The Mesa Police Association (MPA) is submitting this proposal on behalf of all active sworn Mesa Police Officers Lieutenants and Sergeants. The proposal invokes consideration for primary representative designation for all “Active Sworn Mesa Police Officers, Lieutenants and Sergeants.” This proposal encompasses the collective concerns of active sworn Police Officers, Lieutenants and Sergeants in all levels and job descriptions encompassed by the Mesa Police Department.
This proposal is not all inclusive. The MPA will supplement and amend information regarding the proposed items as issues forum discussion dictates and progresses.
The most effective city administration is one in which the city partners with it’s workforce to provide professional city services for citizens. The cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Surprise, Glendale, and the State of Arizona with DPS all exemplify this type of successful partnership.
This proposal is the ultimate blueprint for putting us on the road towards improvement. It is our sincere hope that the City of Mesa will not only seriously listen to these concerns of its workforce, but also acts to ensure we can continue to competently serve the citizens of this great city.
Representing Police Officers with Professionalism, Integrity & Pride
MPA Proposal 2005-2006

  • Adopt a meet and discuss ordinance congruent with original proposal submitted by employee groups (April 2004).
  • Salary increase adjustment.
  • COLA.
  • 80/20 family health insurance premium plan.
  • Health care savings accounts.
  • 2 Employee Relations Coordinators.
  • Increase vacation accrual at 10 years.
  • Gradual step compression for Sworn Officer pay range.
  • Increase Industrial Injury Program benefits.
  • Performance Pay.
  • Establish a Citizen Wage and Benefits Committee (A recommendation of the Financing the Future Committee).
  • Reasonable notification of the city’s intent to change wages or benefits prior to recommending or formalizing changes.
  • Increase comp time bank maximum.
  • Re-institute Career Enhancement Pay (CEP).
  • Benchmarking program to include total salary compensation package comparison for police salary ranges.

*The above items are not listed in any order of importance or significance.